Jun 4, 2012


On weekends i always assume i'd have more time to dress up and look perfectly good when going out,
but most time it turns out i chill at home and can't get myself ready until the last minute!
so always a pair of comfy shorts and a sheer tee, or just a simple one-piece dress.
even not too many accessories and really light make-up (cause it's hot and humid now).

thought i wrote about this "Pollock" dress before
it's light, loose, and just very easy to wear, perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
the "day life" block party was ok for its first time.
also gave me a chance to go to LES again to find out how many new/tiny stores just opened!
the signatures there are vintage, young, creative and bold.
 show you more pictures tomorrow! xx

dress: Evil Twin
shoes: Isabel Marant inspired sneakers (sh...)
shades: Le Specs X Henry Holland

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  1. I spotted a pair of THE wedge sneakers going on there! Aha!