Oct 19, 2011

Paintings on the walls - H&M

Like two weeks ago I went to H&M after work, not actually too much stuff caught my eyes but the wall paintings do! 
They seem Lanvin X H&M alike. 
Vivid, bold and kinda cute hand drawing! 

Lately I find myself couldn't shop as that crazily at H&M as before.
Maybe it's because of my age (yeah yeah yeah....), now I shop more at ZARA for better quality but still affordable price range.

Below are some cute kids looks I took from the window.
the mouse headband is so stylish and adorable! and the mouse head scarf and the silly face t-shirt underneath the boy faux leather jacket... :P

In the end is... Yes I finally bought something that day (again lol)
Star nail sticker and the rabbit/fox rings set! 

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  1. like those nail stickers too. never tried ye..