Sep 6, 2011


Yap you are haunted by my never-end road trip photos and for myself reviewing/organizing/adjusting these pictures also KILLING me! dah!
but anyway, i wanna show you the amazing (yeah, everything over there wowed me though the way to there was terribly hot and dry) Antelope Canyon (羚羊峽谷).
Here's how we started:

and after a tough, rugged drive we came to it!
(our truck was even stuck in sand)
Inside was actually cool and comfy felt like in a room, so finally u can see my smile :P

we were waiting and waiting in the darkness to welcome the noon light.
when it finally came we were all excited and couldn't stop taking pictures.
this was so stunning!

sheer top: express
galaxy leggings: Black Milk

Below you can see the truck we took...

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